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Contract brazing services

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INDMakina specialises in induction heating machines, induction heating systems and induction brazing processes. Based in Istanbul, Turkey; INDMakina can provide sub-contract induction brazing services for wide range of industries such as automotive, aviation, defense, electro-mechanical, cooling and white goods manufacturing industries.


    Our Induction Brazing Services Include

    • A custom designed and manufactured induction coil specifically for your components
    • Tooling can be designed and manufactured to ensure consistent results
    • We are able to recommend and supply suitable braze media
    • We are able to recommend and supply suitable flux
    • Quantities 1 off to ...
    • A price will be given per part for any given quantity
    • A price for coil and tooling manufacture if required will be provided
    • Customer will own coil and tooling at the end of the job

    The Advantages of Induction Brazing

    • Controlled and local heating. Uniform, precise heating.
    • Clean, leak-proof, strong joints.
    • Reduced oxidation and cleaning.
    • Bright brazing possible under protective gas.
    • Optimal quantity of braze media and flux utilised.
    • Fast heating and brazing cycles.
    • Consistent brazing quality.
    • Repetable quality from control of variables in the process.

    Information Required from the Customers

    • Drawings of all components or work piece samples (before and after the brazing process).
    • Details of how components should be joint.
    • Material of the components.
    • Process details; brazing temperature, brazing media currently used, braze flux currently used.
    • Heating method currently employed.
    • Mechanical properties of joint required.

Please contact us for more information on our brazing services:


M: +905322327136


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