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Induction Heating Projects We've Worked On

Induction Brazing

  • Automation rotary system induction brazing machines
  • Automation induction bright brazing machines under protective gas atmosphere chamber
  • Continuous induction brazing machine for HVAC components brazing
  • Induction bottom brazing machine for pots and pans
  • Electric motor short circuit ring induction brazing machine
  • Portable induction brazing machines for electromechanical industry copper brazing applications
  • Portable resistance brazing machines for electromechanical industry copper brazing applications

Induction Hardening

  • Continuous horizontal induction hardening machine
  • Vertical CNC induction quenching and tempering machine
  • CNC induction heat treatment machines
  • Automation induction quenching machine for bolts
  • Concrete pump pipe induction hardening machine, pipe inner surface hardening

Induction Annealing

  • Continuous bright annealing of flexible stainless steel tubes
  • Automation induction brass cartridges induction annealing machine

  • Continuous induction annealing line for welded steel pipe

  • Continuous induction pre-heating lines for powder coating applications

Induction Shrink-fitting

  • Machine gun barrel and stellite liner induction hot fitting, shrink fitting system with laser infrared temperature controlled induction heating
  • Aluminium motor frame shrink fitting machine with laser infrared temperature controlled induction heating

Induction Powder Coating: Pre-heating & Curing

  • Bolts and nuts powder coating thread locking machines
  • Induction stator powder coating machine

Induction Heat Staking

  • Automation induction heat staking systems for the automotive industry
  • Automation induction heat staking machine of brass inserts

Induction Hot Spinning Machines

  • Induction hot spinning machine for end forming

Induction Melting

  • Induction melting furnaces with hydraulic or electric tilting systems
  • Custom made induction melting coils

Induction Forging Hot Forming

  • Tunnel type induction heating furnaces up to 10.000KVA

Air-cooled induction heating machines

  • Induction shrink-fitting & disassembly applications
  • Pre and post-welding heat treatment applications: PWHT
  • Induction pre-heating applications
  • Induction aluminium, zinc melting and holding furnaces
  • Custom made flexible induction heating cables and induction coils

High Frequency Machines

  • High frequency generators and press for wood bending applications
  • High frequency generators for wood drying process, HF wood drying kilns
  • High frequency generator for aluminium spacer bar welding 
  • High frequency generator for ERW steel tube welding

IGBT High Frequency Welders

  • Aluminium spacer bar production line with IGBT high frequency welder 
  • ERW steel tube production line with IGBT high frequency welder

Other Products

  • Design and fabrication of custom induction heating coils
  • Water-cooling systems, Chillers

INDMAKINA designs and manufactures standard and customized machines according to the customer's process and requirements.

The general parameters requested from the customer:

  • Type of induction heating application
  • Production capacity 
  • Part material, dimensions and range
  • Technical part requirements
  • Handling system: automatic or manual
  • Integration with other processes
  • Customer remarks 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your questions and inquiries.

Tel: +905322327136

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