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Continuous induction heating / melting tunnel for gold & silver kilobar production

Gold & Silver kilobar production system

· induction melting,kilobar production

- Continuous induction heating / melting tunnel for the production of gold & silver kilobars

- Atmosphere control (provides bright silver bar surface)

- Suitable for working different size graphite ingot moulds 

- Induction heating power according to customer capacity requirements (customizable system)

- Push system induction heating / melting tunnel

- PLC control system (Parameter settings and recording, alarm system)

- Laser infrared temperature control - homogenous heating and rapid melting

- Gas flow meter for the protective gas 

- Graphite ingot mould size can be easily changed

- Continuous tunnel type kilobar production process: Ingot moulds loading zone (filled with gold or silver granules) → induction heating / melting tunnel (controlled atmosphere) → solidification zone (controlled atmosphere) → ingot mould cooling zone → ingot moulds discharge zone

-Turnkey solution with the closed-circuit water cooling chiller

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