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Turnkey customized induction brazing machines

Özel imalat indüksiyon kaynak brazing makineleri

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customized induction brazing machines

Customized induction brazing machines with PLC control, integrated laser infrared temperature control, closed-circuit water cooling chiller, custom made induction heating coils & work-piece fixtures..

Induction brazing workstations, rotary table induction brazing systems or continuous induction brazing systems.. Custom built for your applications

We custom design and manufacture induction heating and induction brazing systems for; electrotechnical, defense, automotive, white goods, machine manufacturing and aviation industries.

  • Extensive experience in induction brazing & induction heating equipment to help you find the best solution for your needs
  • Solution provider from the simplest manual brazing system to turnkey customized automation brazing systems enabling one operator to turn out hundreds of joints per hour
  • Expert in bright brazing solutions (under protective gas atmosphere or by utilizing special oxidation preventing fluxes), eliminating oxidation on your brazing workpieces.
  • One stop induction brazing solution provider: induction heaters, custom designed coils, brazing materials, flux, fixtures, cooling and temperature control
  • Our brazing machines can be automatic, semi-automatic or manual based on your needs and requirements.
  • Fully automatic brazing machines suitable for high-volume production by minimizing cycle times typically include; loading-unloading, flux and brazing application process, automatic load matching, temperature control, coil centering device, customized coil design, menu based multi-language touch screen with an advanced PLC control, closed-circuit cooling system.
  • Customized brazing machines are designed for one particular type of workpiece or closely related workpieces.

Benefits of induction brazing:

  • Induction brazing can join a wide range of metals from ferrous to non-ferrous
  • Precise, quick and repetable quality
  • Heating can be narrowly focused on defined areas, leaving periphery surfaces and materials unaffected. 
  • Stong, leak proof and corrosion resistant joints
  • Clean brazing outcomes
  • Ideal for integrating into production lines

Please contact us for more information on our induction brazing applications and to receive a detailed technical proposal for your induction brazing projects.


T: +905322327136

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